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FreeJournal - is an Internet community where everyone posts and shares content that is interesting for them.

Why is it needed?

FreeJournal users are united by a common purpose that is making the Internet better.

What are the problems?

The Internet is a weeded field. When using search engines, we check numerous websites looking for the necessary information.

We see a lot of the same information that is just copied from one source and posted on hundreds of other sites. Moreover, we see the sites without any useful content and information.

What are the consequences?

You have posted a great video or written a quality article that can be useful for many users. Yet, nobody will see your content, or you will have 1 or 2 views at the best. And, it is not only you who has the problem. Everybody faces the same issue, and it discourages from creating quality content.

Programmers, who develop websites with automatically generated content, are not to blame. Creating quality content is unprofitable because it costs a lot. Programmers do not create content, but they are able to develop a product that looks for, formats and changes content. That is, it generates content. The quality of such content is poor. Robots create content for robots, not for people. Furthermore, there are different tricks that can deceive search engine algorithms so that a link to a particular site is at the top of search results.

Programmers create a lot of great tools that can make our lives easier. After an exciting trip, we want to share our impressions about a wonderful location or hotel. However, while searching for software instruments, we get numerous viruses, and when looking for an interesting hotel, we see nothing except links to Booking.


We consume not the healthiest food because a production process has to be made cheaper, and the same is true about information.


The Internet is not only a big shop, but also a source of quality content that is somewhere at the bottom of this swamp. Creators of quality content do not know what to do for their product to be on the surface, and those who know, do not create it. Search engines and services are continuously improving their algorithms to solve the issue, but the algorithm can always be deceived. It is only a human who can set apart quality content and help search engines and services raise authors to the surface.

How it works.

You have found a great YouTube channel, for example Expedia. It has got quality content, and the creation of every video takes a lot of time and efforts. However, it happens only now, as there are those for whom it is created since the channels has 925 thousands subscribers. The first videos were much worse. Big audience equals more funding, larger team and more professionals.

Let’s imagine that the given channel has only 100 subscribers. How can others find out about its existence? They also want to watch quality content. And, you also find other quality channels that are at the bottom as they have small audience. They will expand in a few years if they continue working on it.

These authors need help. To do it, you have to write an article and include the videos that you like the most together with their short description. A search robot will see the video on the website and show this content in search results. The description and heading make it possible for it to understand what search queries necessitate it to provide a link to this content. This way, a user with see the content, and every view and every user will raise the author and the channel to a higher level. The given principle is incorporated into every algorithm: if people watch, the content is good.

The same applies to all other kinds of content, including music, mobile apps, software and even games.

You can create articles copying content from other sources, but you need to refer to these sources for a search engine to move them up in search results. The more links from other sources, the more link mass.

A link mass - refers to all the links that lead to a particular website, taking into consideration their number and quality. Promotion largely depends on this parameter: optimal volume of quality link of different kinds moves a specific site up to the top in search results.

Links ceased to be a key factor impacting ranking about 10 years ago, but they are still significant. However, currently, instead of quantity, quality is of utmost importance. While a website exists, users learn about it, recommend it on other resources or social networks, creating a natural link mass.

All the mentioned above contributes to the formation of the webpage authority and website authority that are semi-mythical indicators used by a search engine. They influence ranking and position of a website in search results.

It is believed that the website authority is more important for Google. It determines the value of webpages and links it contains. The higher the authority of the site, the more credible Google considers it. The same principles are embedded in search algorithms of other services and apply to other types of content.


The main purpose of FreeJournal is to give impetus to quality content. We aim to help search algorithms distinguish quality content, assist authors in getting their users, and help users find their authors.
FreeJournal volunteers are stalkers who scout unknown paths of the Internet in search of something interesting.

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